Atriark Bitcoin Cloud Farm House

We Setup World largest advanced cloud mining farms to worldwide, which is specifically
built to support the cloud mining cotract.

Atriark Operations New York.

Our New york operations takes atriark to the next level, with intelligent cloud servers and consistent management. Resulting in stronger performance and availability.

Atriark Flexible Cloud Infrastructure

Atriark cloud pool mining server virtualization moving forward at our own pace, we manage fully virtualized pool contract miing data center architecture.

Atriark VSAN Pool Contract Center.

Our cluster server disks to create radically storage for our machines and high-performance scale-out architecture that reduces TCO as much as 50%.

Atriark Database Management Center

We Protect cloud servers with disaster recovery management that provides higly secure, fully automated recovery management platform.

Bitcoin Mining 10MW Data Center

Our high-performance servers for Bitcoin mining is building a 10MW data center to host mining machines 20 miles north of orange county.

Atriark Crypto Mining Monitoring Center

Most cryptocurrencies work with algorithms that need specially designed hardware for optimal mining, we manage and monitoring realtime data here.

Atriark Physical Security Team

Our data center infrastructure that includes environmental controls, 24/7 security including card entry, biometrics scanners and video monitoring.

Atriark Mining Farm's Benefits

Easy onboarding​, 24/7 security access, Data center grade location, Electricity included with price, Customer credits in the event of unauthorized downtime.

Atriark Server Network Farm

Multi tier 10Tb bandwidth including Redundant power sources along with high power UPS backup source implement at mining farm.

Atriark Density Drives Mining

Atriark mining data center using high density racks of mining rigs that can run 20 KW and higher. The 87,000-square-foot DEN2 facility.

Cloud 2.3 Path to Hybrid

Atriark relies heavily on partner services to sell new Cloud Foundation as a hybrid cloud solution includes automated mining lifecycle management.

Atriark New Edge Architecture

Atriark Kinetic Edge combines multiple edge locations into a single “logical” cryptocurrency pool mining data center with AC922 is most powerful machines,

Atriark Award's & Certification

Artiark all Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency mining data centers are fully secured and awarded by top experts.

US Council
Atriark Up Comming Apps


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